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Marble Countertops

Many Michigan homeowners confuse marble with granite, but they are completely different materials. Marble is a metamorphosed rock, which means that it was once limestone or dolomite, but under extreme heat and pressure the original mineral is broken down and recrystallized into what finally turns into marble. Pure white marble comes from pure limestone or dolomite. Colored marble and those with veins are a result of natural contamination from other minerals.

Marble countertops in the home can add considerable value. Home buyers are increasingly looking at natural stone countertops as a must-have when looking at prospective homes, and marble countertops have the strongest appeal for buyers that look for more than functionality in their kitchens and bathrooms.

As one of the most elegant natural countertop materials, marble will add value to your home. If you wish to beautify your interior with the peerless look of marble, call us today to discuss selections.

Unique & Gorgeous Marble Countertops

Marble or Granite? One of the toughest decisions for Michigan homeowners, when it comes to making changes to their bathroom or kitchen, is choosing the proper countertops. And their decision usually comes down to using either marble or granite. So, when choosing which to go with, most people get confused about the two natural stones. Both Marble and granite are wonderful, attractive and can bring a pleasing aesthetic element to your home.

The timeless beauty and stately elegance offered by marble has made it one of the most popular choices for countertops in residential and commercial buildings. The touch and feel of the stone have been liked by the building industry for centuries.

If marble is your first choice for your custom kitchen or bathroom countertops, you need to be aware of the care and precautions you must take to keep the marble looking great. We do educate our customers about the pros and cons of using marble so the end result is the one they want, and one they can live with daily.

A Few Marble Samples

Best Marble Countertop Selection & Service

R & R Marble & Granite knows how important the perfect marble countertops are to any kitchen, bathroom, or business space. Countertops are typically a focal point of any room which is why the necessary time needs to be taken to make the proper material selection and understand the everyday uses.

From simple marble countertops and mantels to custom works, we combine unmatched expertise with technology to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our marble countertop designers will work with you to bring your personal vision to life, and the final look of your project will be limited only by your imagination.

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